Simon Stokes

Role: Sound Designer

Simon Stokes is the owner and head tutor of Shoogle Studios, Scotland’s leading electronic music studio. As a lifelong music lover and trained audio engineer, he has played many instruments over the years, but found his passion for synthesizers and drum machines in the late ‘90s.

Releasing house and techno music on record labels worldwide, Simon began to share his knowledge of Live in 2007, teaching individuals from his home studio whilst touring Europe as a DJ and live act. In 2011, Simon launched Shoogle Studios – a dedicated electronic music studio focussed on Ableton Live tuition. Teaching music production techniques to both individuals and classes of students ranging from beginners to experts, Simon’s passion is sharing knowledge in a friendly and enthusiastic style.

2013 saw Simon’s new project, Petrichor, signed to the legendary Soma Records and a string of tour dates as both a DJ and live act across the UK and Europe.

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